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• 11/10/2018


Can you guys please help me with the new ''MediaShop'' page I made because I am not good at creating pages, however I am good at editing.

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• 10/30/2018

Animal Planet Finally Realised What They Have Been Missing From Their Logo, The Elephant in The Room.

This is Animal Planet's new logo, I never thought this day could come, but its been 10 years since the last one, not to mention companies likes best buy changing their logos as well, so it wasn't shocking. What is surprising is that they completely scraped the 2008 logo and put the text in a corus like text under the best part of the logo, the jumping elephant. This should have been what they did in 2008 instead of the one we got, it simple, but effective. The elephant looks great and is animated well (as seen in the animated version). But i'm writing this to ask how everyone else feels about this logo. What are your thoughts?

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• 10/30/2018


I've noticed that the mobile version of Logopedia (especially the application) has some noticeable short-comings and lacks features that are present in its computer counterpart. I come to find that many of these problems are a result of a lack of attention and the overall lack of effort given towards the application. Every Wiki is unique, why not treat them as such? The same template, format, and look is not likely to be suitable for two dozen, completely different Wikis. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:
-It would look so much better to have the "LP logo" as the app icon. That's not asking for too much!
-As far as I know, there isn't a way to access the "recent changes" page on the app. The best the app has to offer is the "Logos by Year" page, which is far from an acceptable alternative in my opinion. New logos can take days, sometimes even WEEKS to be added to the page after they are uploaded, with some not even being posted at all. This is such an important feature that a great majority of us are missing out on. This needs to be fixed, ASAP!
-There are many bugs that I have come to notice throughout my time with the app. One of the first that comes to mind is one that involves the banner logo at the top of the page. The logo that is on the banner doesn't appear in the actual article itself. This doesn't happen every time, although that's not saying much, as it happens about 4/5 of the time. I've never encountered this on another platform.

There's tons more but I need to get some sleep tonight. I appreciate your time and I hope that you might fix some of these things and improve the better overall experience for not only the mobile application, but for all formats.
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• 10/20/2018

Logopedia Survey

Please take a moment to take a survey about your experience on Logopedia: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5MTV22B

Logopedia www.surveymonkey.com
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• 10/17/2018
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• 10/8/2018

There are some users who put logos with some wrong characteristics

Greetings. I write because a concern arises: In the Logopedia pages of the Argentine, Chilean and Peruvian channels, sometimes some users put logos a little different from the original ones and others put the wrong colors to the logos. How can we improve that?

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• 9/30/2018

Demotion Request for Tmanokc

I am writing this forum to start a public discussion regarding the demotion of the administrator/bureaucrat Tmanokc. Over the last month, I have noticed several inappropriate actions this user has committed. When AxG and I tried to get in touch with him on his message wall, he did not reply to us once.

The reasons to demote Tmanokc are as follows:

• Adds a header for the templates at the bottom of the page.

• Adds a new section specifically for videos related to the specified page.

• Replaced quality SVG images with blurry poor quality images. I tried to revert his actions, but he ignored me and reverted it back to his poor quality images.

• Has not blocked a user since 2012 or used his talk page since 2014.

• Tried to get in touch with him over these issues, but he has not listened or responded to me.

I truly believe that Tmanokc does not realize he has admin powers anymore and either does not realize I am trying to message him or he is ignoring me on purpose. Since Tmanokc is an administrator and a bureaucrat, a public discussion is required to demote him. All fully active administrators, please respond so we can gather a vote to demote this user.

NOTE: This discussion is now open to ALL users.

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• 9/29/2018

Stop & Shop's new logo

I walked over to my local Stop & Shop the other day, and apparently they've changed their logo to an updated version of the old "traffic signal" logo. I've already seen it everywhere on signs, carts, baskets, etc. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics. Their site and social media platforms still use the colorful "slices" logo and haven't updated them to the new look yet. Pretty low-res, but this is the only thing of the logo I found so far online.

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• 9/25/2018

ABC new logo

I can't tell if ABC (United States) changed the normal logo usually golden to the silver one I saw this on the site and on the channel and couldn't tell.
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• 9/20/2018

Unblock Requests

Recently, there have been several issues where blocked/banned users have been coming to me on other wikis attempting to get unblocked. Because I have had to deal with enough of this, I want to make it perfectly clear that if any blocked/banned user comes to any administrator on another wiki requested to be unblocked, then the user will either be banned if temporarily blocked, or ignored if already banned. If the users continues to annoy an administrator, then they will be reported to the Fandom staff.

Also, if any user attempts to create a new account after being blocked or banned, then both accounts will be banned permanently. Too many people have ignored this rule. Logopedia is cracking down on vandals to bring about a vandalism-free wiki.
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• 9/20/2018


New CTV logos
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• 9/11/2018

I found it

Harpo studios without byline
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• 9/1/2018

Wordless logo jurassic world fallen kingdom

Wordless logo jurassic world fallen kingdom
Hello, would a person have the logo of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom without the title ?
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• 8/31/2018


I thought someone would add this.
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• 8/26/2018

Is this even a real thing?

If it is, i would like to know where this was
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• 8/25/2018


Did acme productions actually go away in 2017 or was this some vandal?
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• 8/25/2018


It seems like Circuit city has JUST REVIVED?!
If this was vandalism. revert the edits. I dont even KNOW the news of CC reviving
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• 8/11/2018

Try to fix this page

BET Jams
BET Jams Logopedia
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• 8/10/2018

Ruby Spears Got Defunct

The Ruby-Spears studio was founded in 1977 as a subsidiary of Filmways and was sold in late 1981 to Taft Broadcasting, becoming a sister company to Hanna-Barbera Productions. In 1991, Ruby-Spears was spun off into RS Holdings while most of the original Ruby-Spears library (its pre-1991 library) was sold along with Hanna-Barbera to Turner Broadcasting System, which in turn merged with Time Warner (now WarnerMedia) in 1996. The Ruby-Spears studio closed in 1996 after 19 years of operation.[2]
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• 8/8/2018

New Rule About Defending Banned Users

Recently, there were two different forum posts over the last three months by new users trying to defend users that have been banned on Logopedia. These two people who posted these forums have been treated as sockpuppets of the respective users they tried to defend and have been banned as well. I would like to remind the Logopedia community that if any user defends a banned user within poor reasoning ("he did nothing wrong", "he was just trying to help", etc.), then that user will be treated as a sockpuppet and will be banned.
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